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Wellington County Museum & Archives

The Wellington County Museum and Archives is a year-round centre of programming, events and exhibitions.

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Established in 1954, the Wellington County Museum and Archives today makes its home in a building with a much earlier and storied history. Originally constructed in 1877 as a self-sufficient industrial farm to house the poor, it was called the “House of Industry and Refuge.” Later, it became a long term care home.

Since 1975, when the Museum located here, an ever-popular year-round program of events and exhibitions draws thousands of visitors annually. Changing museum standards and building codes led to an expansion and renovation project that was completed in 1987. And in 2010, a much-needed expansion of the Archives has tripled storage capacity, and provides a larger and better equipped public reading room to meet the increasing demand by genealogists and researchers.

The impressive hilltop site and stately 19th century architecture reflects the importance of the Museum and Archives as an established feature in the cultural and historical mosaic of the community. Stories from our past to the artistic voices of our present celebrate who we are and where we are going. Changing exhibitions and honoured long term displays guarantee that visitors will see something new on each visit.



Outdoor all-ages activities include butterfly-watching and the annual end-of-summer car show. Visit our website for a full list of events, including Doors Open, Rural Romp, Harvest Home Festival.

Wellington County Museum & Archives

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RR 1
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Wellington County Museum & Archives

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