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Fergus Scottish Festival

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Celebrated on the second weekend in August each year, the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games has enjoyed success since its beginning in 1946. Begun by Alex Robertson, the games have had two locations, Victoria Park and more recently, the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex (Fergus). The Games exemplify all things Scottish with a focus on heavy events, dancing, piping, clans and family interactive fun.


The Highland Games originated with the Ancient Celts in Ireland, thriving and evolving in the competitive environment of the clan structure of Scotland. It is commonly believed that in the 11th century the Scottish King Malcome Canmore perpetuated the entire Games event with a race up a mountain.

Like the ancient Greeks and Romans, it is not unreasonable to think that competition for strength, endurance and honour were ongoing adventures in all cultures. The concept of the celebrations of Highland Games evolved into a positive celebration of culture and history focusing on the most accomplished in each of the competitive fields, as well as the onlooker who enjoys the ambiance of cultural heritage. The Fergus Scottish Festival is pleased to participate in the promotion, presentation and preservation of Scottish culture through competition and education.

This year's Festival will be held at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex on August 13th, 14th and 15th.


Fergus Scottish Festival

Stone Gable Building
181 St. Andrew St. E., Unit 1
Fergus, ON N1M 1N9

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